SnapServer NAS authenticating against samba PDC

Jason Cook jasonc at
Sun Nov 4 14:53:04 GMT 2001

* John Rodkey (rodkey at wrote:
> I have several samba machines, each acting as PDC for their respective
> domains.  Win9x machines are  authenticating with no difficulty against samba.  
> I have recently acquired several SnapAppliances SnapServers, which I 
> intend(ed?) to have as NAS storage for the domains.  However, when I
> set the Snap up to authenticate against the samba server using names
> and passwords that are known to work in win9x on the same server, the
> SnapServer says it is unable to authenticate.  (What it's doing is downloading
> the list of groups and users so they can be selected for an access list).
> What magic do I have to apply to get a SnapServer to authenticate against
> a samba PDC?  (I'd be happy to supply smb.conf, as needed, but perhaps I
> can discuss off-line with someone who has been successful with this.)
> John
> -- 
>         John Rodkey, Information Technology, Westmont College
> 			rodkey at

Are you running a NT style PDC?  I was able to create a machine
account and join the Snap server to the domain.  Pass through
authentication works just fine.

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