netbench failing with oplocks on AIX (fwd)

Scott Prather sprather at
Tue May 29 20:03:04 GMT 2001

Here is some (ok a bunch of) additional info.

The main system (S7A) is a 12 processor system, 30 pc clients are all Pentium II 300s, 128mb ram 100mb nics running Windows NT SP5, network setup is 4 100mb switches, the S7A is plugged into each with 4 separate 100mb adapters.  

We have used Samba 2.2.0 gold and the cvs tree from 5/17/01.  In each case we have the same problem, eventually one (or more) clients will be unable to open a file.  We have tried to look through the logs (at debug level 5) but cannot see where the problem is.

We have also tested on a smaller 4 processor system with 9 clients (mixture of operating systems) and have the same problem.

We also have seen this problem on a PC running FreeBSD with 9 clients.

In each case, turning off oplocks solves the problems, but kills performance.

The same setups running Samba 2.0.7 work perfectly.

Has anyone else been running similar tests?

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 07:43:15AM -0500, Medha Date wrote:
> We're attempting to get performance numbers for Samba 2.2 on AIX but we 
> have not been able to get a successful run with oplocks on, running 
> Netbench 6.0 on an S7A.  We were able to get a successful run with oplocks off.
> Has anyone seen similar problems and can anyone give us a suggestion on 
> how to debug this?  Thank you.
> - Medha
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