netbench failing with oplocks on AIX (fwd)

William Jojo jojowil at
Tue May 29 13:02:15 GMT 2001

We saw a problem with Win2K and MS2K's Word on AIX with Oplocks on. Word would
refuse to reopen a previously saved document on H:. With oplocks was

Sent a message to the regular samba list.

Would anyone like a log level 10? We're running an H80+ (6H1) with AIX 4.3.3
with maintenance level 08.


Medha Date wrote:
> We're attempting to get performance numbers for Samba 2.2 on AIX but we
> have not been able to get a successful run with oplocks on, running
> Netbench 6.0 on an S7A.  We were able to get a successful run with oplocks off.
> Has anyone seen similar problems and can anyone give us a suggestion on
> how to debug this?  Thank you.
> - Medha
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> IBM Corporation
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