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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue May 22 18:06:00 GMT 2001

> Hello All
> I am following up on a thread from regarding browse masters
> and who gets to win. the e-smith server is a server primarily aimed at
> intergration with windows clients.


> We are currently getting lots of strange happenings with Win 2000.
> taking over the browse functions on the network. even when 
> OS=65+
> It is the PDC and the preffered browser.

I think we would have to see some packet traces to know what's going on.

> I understand how the preffered browse list works previous to win 2000.
> But where does Win 2000 fit?

If it is running SMB over NetBIOS over TCP then it should act like an NT 
box, but there are a number of subtle changes.  Again, I would want to 
see traces.

> Are Microsoft using a new system to decide election?

They can't retrofit the older systems, though I suppose they could set up 
W2K so that it always wins elections over NT boxes.

> How can you push it down. As most e-smith users acctually use the server
> as their PDC with NO windows server on the network.

My guess is that you'd have to find a registry setting or something.

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