codepages ... Esp in the packaging/RedHat spec file

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu May 17 21:36:05 GMT 2001

At 11:12 AM 5/17/01 -0500, Steve Langasek wrote:
>Hi Richard,
>Quoting Richard Sharpe <sharpe at>:
>> It seems to me that from an FHS POV, the codepages directory is shareable
>> data that should be in /usr/share/samba or in /opt/samba/codepages ...
>> At present it is placed in /etc/codepages ...
>> Does anyone have any objections if I move it to /usr/share/samba?
>> Can anyone think of any way that the codepages should be private data?
>This is a very timely message -- there is currently a discussion among
>developers about the fact that /etc/samba/codepages is responsible for half 
>size of /etc on many systems. :)  Since Debian tries to be minimalist in the 
>requirements for the root partition, it seems the consensus is that a bug
>be filed against the Debian package for not being FHS-compliant.

OK, the last comment from John Terpstra was that the code pages themselves
could go in /usr/share/samba, but that the source files should still go in

I cannot understand this, and wonder what the reason for this might be.

>I think anyone using the --with-fhs option is going to prefer that the 
>codepages be kept in /usr/share.  When not using --with-fhs, they can go 
>wherever consensus among the Samba team would have them. :)
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