Redhat comments with upcoming release of 2.2.1

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu May 17 04:59:49 GMT 2001

At 04:19 PM 5/17/01 +1200, Jason Haar wrote:
>I don't know the today's CVS release is meant to contain updates to the
>packaging/RedHat area, but the .spec file in there needs a few changes.

Yes, I agree, I spotted a few broken things in there, one of which may have
been the SWAT stuff. Also, I think it puts codepages in /etc, even if you
tell it you want your config dir to be /etc/samba ...

>It currently installs swat into /usr/share/swat - I think that should be
>/usr/share/samba/swat - same with the /usr/share/samba/using_samba manual?
>At least that means you get a "growable" area all to do with Samba.
>Also, "--with-readline" isn't included in the configure script. I can't
>generate any problems with readline under both RH 6.2 and 7.1, so why not
>make it the default?
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