DHCP and NetBIOS Scopes

John Terpstra jht at samba.org
Fri May 11 23:48:22 GMT 2001


Thanks. A little perl strikes again. We know of a lot of these little
glitches don't we! ;)

So now then, should we set a null NetBIOS Scope ID in our sample DHCP
configuration? Your views?

John T.

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> Just one quick note on Scope ID strings:  Check the registry!  Old scope
> IDs can get 'stuck' if they are not cleared out properly.
> Something odd I discovered once... Windows 9x does not allow you to set a
> Scope ID if you are in B mode (which is stupid, but nevermind).  You can
> get around this by doing the following:
> - enter a (bogus) WINS server IP,
> - enter the scope ID,
> - save your changes,
> - reboot,
> - reopen the network control panel,
> - remove the (bogus) WINS IP entry,
> - save your changes,
> - reboot again.
> The effect is roughly the same as entering the WINS IP in the registry by
> hand.  This suggests, of course, that old Scope IDs will hide in the
> registry even if the field in the control panel is greyed out--which it
> will be if you don't specify a WINS server--which you won't do if you are
> expecting DHCP to specify one for you.
> Perhaps that's the root of this particular little evil.
> Chris -)-----

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