DHCP and NetBIOS Scopes

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Mon May 14 14:57:34 GMT 2001

> Chris,
> Thanks. A little perl strikes again. We know of a lot of these little
> glitches don't we! ;)
> So now then, should we set a null NetBIOS Scope ID in our sample DHCP
> configuration? Your views?

With lots of comments in the config file, yes.

In a carefully written, tested, working, and reviewed OS this would not be
an issue...but we are dealing with Windows.

The default Scope ID is the empty string--which is both valid and
workable.  By putting the empty-string Scope ID into the DHCP
configuration we are being explicit rather than implicit (don't tell your
spouse).  Unfortunately, if the Scope ID can be or has been changed to
something other than the empty string, this may be necessary. 

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