DHCP and NetBIOS Scopes

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Fri May 11 23:35:24 GMT 2001

Just one quick note on Scope ID strings:  Check the registry!  Old scope 
IDs can get 'stuck' if they are not cleared out properly.

Something odd I discovered once... Windows 9x does not allow you to set a 
Scope ID if you are in B mode (which is stupid, but nevermind).  You can 
get around this by doing the following:

- enter a (bogus) WINS server IP, 
- enter the scope ID,
- save your changes,
- reboot,
- reopen the network control panel,
- remove the (bogus) WINS IP entry,
- save your changes,
- reboot again.

The effect is roughly the same as entering the WINS IP in the registry by 
hand.  This suggests, of course, that old Scope IDs will hide in the 
registry even if the field in the control panel is greyed out--which it 
will be if you don't specify a WINS server--which you won't do if you are 
expecting DHCP to specify one for you.

Perhaps that's the root of this particular little evil.

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