Inconsistent naming of command-line options

Edmund Lam epl at
Fri May 11 00:12:36 GMT 2001

   Hmm, just looked through the various programs in Samba and noticed a
set of shocking inconsistencies with command-line options.

        -d Initial Directory
        -l Debugging/Logging Level

        -D Debugging/Logging Level
        -d Disable User

        -D Initial Directory
        -d Debugging/Logging Level
        -l Log filename to write to

        -D Operate as a daemon
        -d Debugging/Logging Level
        -l Log filename to write to

   Stopped looking after that.

   Now, I'm not even sure whether this should be fixed. There are
most certainly hardcoded scripts out there which depend on command-line
options. However, maybe this is something that could be documented
and/or kept in mind for Samba-2.4 or Samba-TNG?

   Any ideas?



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