Req root to join domain w/ W2K

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I brought this up last night. It appears that group mapping code is being
currently developed to specify users who can join a Win2k machine to a

I will be pursuing this issue, as its of large importants for those who use
Win2K and Samba in production enviroments.



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Why exactly does joining a domain from a Windows 2K box require the root
password for the Samba server (or the root account at all for that

I understand that you're trying to automate creation of accounts
with samba on a unix machine, but frankly, I'm not going to touch that
with a 20 foot poll.

If I have setup the machine accounts in /etc/passwd and smbpasswd ahead of
time by hand, why can't a domain admin add machines to the domain?  Giving
out the root password (even if it is different in smbpasswd) is _NOT_ an
option at our sight.  What needs to be done to get around this if the
account entries are pre-made?  How can I help (IOW, where should I start
looking and what should I know ahead of time about the code)?

Kevin Currie

phew, for a minute there i lost myself.

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