Overriding domain in security=domain mode?

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Thu May 10 12:49:52 GMT 2001

Martin Buck wrote:
> Unfortunately, that doesn't solve my original problem. Teaching all my
> users to use the domain\username syntax is close to impossible, so I
> will probably hack my samba server nevertheless to automatically replace
> the domain.

	I just got asked for reccomentations for a very-large, 
	few-domains smb service (continent-wide, for a well-known
	small continent), and strongly suspect that the
	hack might be absolutely necessary.

	The folks in .xx will need to authenticate when they
	happen to be in .yy, and they won't know to use xx\user-name

	[This also motivates my earlier question about why we
	aren't supposed to support interdomain trusts when we

> However, it looks like there is not that much interest in that feature
> (I only had one positive reply), so I'll probably stick with my hack
> instead of implementing the clean solution that can be enabled/disabled
> in smb.conf. If anybody thinks this is a useful feature that should be
> part of the standard Samba, complain now and I might change my mind.

	Yes: I can expand if necessary, but what does the
	actual team think???

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