Can Any one give me some design documents of samba.

Matt Zinkevicius mattzink at
Fri Mar 30 07:20:17 GMT 2001

> we planned to store the NT ACL as a data block and point to these data
> blocks from the i_file_acl  field of inode of the file .

That will work fine, and avoid a database lookup, but will make it OS and
file system dependent. My patch will work on any architecture and file
system that samba can use (and the price of tdb lookups).

> we  also share these acl list with files that have the same acl's.Files
will be having  both NT-meta data
> and unix meta that its accessible by both the guys.

The problem isn't with keeping both sets of permissions, but rather keeping
them to mean the same semantics (as much as that's possible). This is needed
so people coming in over NFS don't have a completely disjoint set of
permissions than people coming in over CIFS. In your case this work should
be done in the kernel.

> 2,    We plan to implement ioctl calls so that the request from samba are
handled specially.

ioctl's? Watch for performance hits there.

> In-order for these if we have some documents that talks of the design of
samba it will be helpful to us .

I think the code is the closest thing your gonna get :-)

--Matt Zinkevicius

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