smbc_telldir and offsets ...

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Mar 27 06:48:11 GMT 2001


I have implemented the smbc_telldir function, which is meant to be similar
to the telldir function in UNIX.

You call it and it returns an offset into a directory that you can go back
to with an smbc_lseekdir ...

However, there are some problems that require the semantics to be somewhat
different to the normal UNIX telldir/lseekdir pair.

For example, the directory is some sort of opaque remote object, and the
implementation inside the cli_xxx routines mean that I have to return a
handle to a directory entry that can be found again by the smbc_lseekdir

You cannot simply pass and offset in and expect the routine to get it right. 

Also, when you are at the beginning of the directory, smbc_telldir does not
return 0, rather it returns a handle that allows us to find that entry again. 

When you are at the end of the directory, you get back 0 (or NULL).

So, does anyone think this is a big problem?

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