Could I get this added to the source?

Kim Schulz kim at
Tue Mar 27 17:36:12 GMT 2001

At the Dormatory where I live, we use a program Callet ploppelop. It's a
multiuser/multichannel message system like winpopup. 
Out problem is that we need to patch Samba every time it is upgrated for
it to work with ploppelop. 

the patch is simple. It just adds a fifo in /tmp that ploppelop uses to
get messages from ploppelop through. 

the patch (unfortunatly only made for 2.0.5a) can be found here:

is it possible that we could get this patch added in the official

Hope you can help us. Im sure that other program will be able to use the
feature too. 

Ohhh the site for the program Ploppelop can be found here:

(as you can se on the site we have to have our own binaries for samba).



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