PPC smbfs history (circa 2.1.24) question

Chris Worley cworley at symbionsys.com
Sun Mar 25 01:32:45 GMT 2001

I need to know when in the history of the prolific 2.1 kernel did the
smbfs module start working on the PPC platform.

With the new TivoNet (designed by Tridge), their are many Windows users
(not me) who want to be able to mount directories from their windows
machines on to their Tivo.

Tivo provide all the source for their cross compilers (PPC) and kernel
(2.1.24 -- don't blame/ask me).  I've been able to compile smbmount, and
compile the smbfs kernel module.

The smbmount seems fine (gethostbyname doesn't work from the Tivo's
libc, but I got around that).

The initial request from smbmount to the module panics in the modules'
socket code.

I'm just guessing that this is a big endian issue.

I can't change the kernel rev on the tivo, but I've backported smbfs
files from up into the 2.1.40's before the kernel dependency changes got
too big to backport.

So, I'm guessing there was a point in the 2.1 kernels when the PPC was
addressed and fixed.

Does anyone know the history (when smbfs started working for the PPC

Does anyone have an idea of why the smbfs in the 2.1.24 kernel doesn't
work (beside the obvious "what idiot based a production system on an
alpha kernel")?



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