FrameMaker/SAMBA issue

Gregory Whynott gwhynott at
Thu Mar 22 19:55:20 GMT 2001

Hi Jeremy,
	Its an honor to receive a reply from yourself.    

In any event,  this performance problem was
originally seen on several of our multi CPU Origin
200 servers when the documentation teams moved
from using Frame on IRIX to NT.  I've also seen
similar results when the files in question reside
on a Linux(ext2) or Solaris file system.  Appears
to be fs independent.

I just finished a test. I did jump the gun as we
basically have confirmed in regards to file type. 
When I load a project in FrameMaker that pulls the
images from a directory with a limited number of
files we do not see any speed issues.  It appears
its totally a file count issue.

If the clients will only be NT4 and 2k, is it
possible to modify the code or pass options to
make scanning large directories more efficient? 
Any suggestions aside from asking the team to
change their work flow? 

take care and thanks again,


Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Gregory Whynott wrote:
> > lib/util.c is the routine it seems to spend much
> > of its time in while working with TIFFs.
> >
> > One thing I didn't test that I will today, is to
> > accretion if it is perhaps the amount of files in
> > the dir.  When I converted the files to other
> > formats,  they were loaded outside of the main
> > 'image' dir.
> That would be the problem. Are you on Linux ? If so
> are you using ext2 ? If so the performance problem
> with large directories is well known.
> Try using Reiserfs which will help with kernel performance
> problems, but Samba still has to scan the entire directory
> to provide a case-insensitive view of the filesystem.
> Regards,
>         Jeremy Allison,
>         Samba Team.
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