FrameMaker/SAMBA issue

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Mar 22 16:45:29 GMT 2001

Gregory Whynott wrote:

> lib/util.c is the routine it seems to spend much
> of its time in while working with TIFFs.
> One thing I didn't test that I will today, is to
> accretion if it is perhaps the amount of files in
> the dir.  When I converted the files to other
> formats,  they were loaded outside of the main
> 'image' dir.

That would be the problem. Are you on Linux ? If so
are you using ext2 ? If so the performance problem
with large directories is well known.

Try using Reiserfs which will help with kernel performance
problems, but Samba still has to scan the entire directory
to provide a case-insensitive view of the filesystem.


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