FrameMaker/SAMBA issue

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Mar 22 17:58:01 GMT 2001

> > Which routine?  That would help a lot.
> Sorry- I figured people interested at looking into
> the problem would set up test documents.

We don't all have the resources (or time) to set such things up, I'm
afraid.  We rely on the community for help.

> Some additional information:
> The 'image' dir has 1670 image files in it.  Its a
> common image store for many projects.  I mention
> this as the debug output also seems to spend time
> in mangle.c,  apparently looking at every file
> regardless if it is required for the project or
> not. This dir does contain quite a few files. I
> have the option set under the share: mangled names
> = no

Hmmm...  That would be worth trying, or try just moving the TIFF to its 
own directory and see if that changes things.  If it does, then you might 
also try changing the mangled cache size, which I can help you do.

> lib/util.c is the routine it seems to spend much
> of its time in while working with TIFFs.

There are over 60 routines in util.c, I'm afraid.  I need to know which

> One thing I didn't test that I will today, is to
> accretion if it is perhaps the amount of files in
> the dir.  When I converted the files to other
> formats,  they were loaded outside of the main
> 'image' dir.

Yes, that will help.  Thanks.

> take care and thanks for your interest.

We do our best.  :)

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