Compile failing on wb_client.c

Joe Meslovich joe at
Tue Jun 26 13:59:03 GMT 2001

	I did a build of the latest cvs of Samba_2_2 this morning on a Sun
Solaris 8 Ultrasparc system using gcc. This is the error I received.

Compiling nsswitch/wb_client.c
nsswitch/wb_client.c: In function `winbind_lookup_name':
nsswitch/wb_client.c:34: storage size of `result' isn't known
nsswitch/wb_client.c:46: conversion to incomplete type
nsswitch/wb_client.c: In function `winbind_lookup_sid':
nsswitch/wb_client.c:60: storage size of `result' isn't known
nsswitch/wb_client.c:73: conversion to incomplete type
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `nsswitch/wb_client.o'

I know you made some cast changes to get rid of some warnings last night.
Builds in the build farm, and my system this morning have been failing
since then.


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