Simon Allenby simona at
Tue Jun 26 15:02:50 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I've got a squid box that's been running perfectly for about a month now.
Everything was fine until a few hours ago. It now seems to be unable to
serve more than a handful of clients at a time, and all others just get a
"connection refused" message if they try to telnet to the proxy port. It
seems to be fluid - after five or ten minutes of trying, a client will get
some access for a while, but then the connection will die. (I presume to be
replaced by somebody else). This also affects telnet sessions in the same
way - connection lost after a while, and when I try to telnet back into it,
I'm getting a login prompt, but trying (and typing properly..) I get "Login
incorrect". A while later, it lets me back in for a bit.

I've rebooted several times, with no joy. The problems seem to start

It feels as though it is struggling to allocate more than 20 or so ports at
any one time. Nothing I can find has changed on the server though, and it's
quite happily been serving 500 clients, with no problems at all.

I appreciate that this may well not be a Squid problem per se, but I would
appreciate any pointers, if only so the Squid box isn't pulled out to go
back to the Apache proxy we were using before.

Incidentally, all the machine runs is squid, and apache for access to
cachemgr and the html access stats.



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