file locking problem

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jun 18 18:05:46 GMT 2001

Christophe Conduché wrote:
> Hi !
> We have experimented strange lock problems with samba 2.2.0
> we have an application we access from dosemu on a linux box and from dos
> on windows NT computers
> the application files are stored on an NT Server
> we mount the app directory on the linux box with smbmount
> mount -t smbfs -o username=toto,password=toto //getorin/fid /mnt/fidnt
> 1) we launch two times the app from two different dos on windows nt.
> works fine. no samba involved.
> 2)we launch two times the app from the linux box in two dosemu sessions.
> works fine. file locking works. samba involved (accessing files thru
> smbfs)
> 3) we launch the app one time on the NT side in a dos command, one time
> in dosemu on the linux box. file locking doesn't work :(

"Doesn't work" is a very vague error message.

More details (and I mean explicit details) are needed
before we can begin to address this.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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