file locking problem

Christophe Conduché cconduche at
Mon Jun 18 15:19:20 GMT 2001

Hi !

We have experimented strange lock problems with samba 2.2.0

we have an application we access from dosemu on a linux box and from dos
on windows NT computers
the application files are stored on an NT Server

we mount the app directory on the linux box with smbmount
mount -t smbfs -o username=toto,password=toto //getorin/fid /mnt/fidnt

1) we launch two times the app from two different dos on windows nt.
works fine. no samba involved.

2)we launch two times the app from the linux box in two dosemu sessions.
works fine. file locking works. samba involved (accessing files thru

3) we launch the app one time on the NT side in a dos command, one time
in dosemu on the linux box. file locking doesn't work :(

any idea of how to solve this problem ??

i can send any log file to describe the proble, if you say me which log
files to send for debugging and how to create them ;)

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