file locking problem

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Jun 18 20:20:56 GMT 2001

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Christophe Conduché wrote:

> We have experimented strange lock problems with samba 2.2.0

No, you haven't ... :)

> 2)we launch two times the app from the linux box in two dosemu sessions.
> works fine. file locking works. samba involved (accessing files thru
> smbfs)

On the same box, then yes that could work. I assume that the kernel VFS
handles locking requests.

> 3) we launch the app one time on the NT side in a dos command, one time
> in dosemu on the linux box. file locking doesn't work :(

smbfs does nothing to support file locks, so as far as the NT is concerned
your app doesn't have any lock. This is not a samba issue, it is a linux
kernel issue (the smbfs part of it).

I do have experimental patches that you could test.

Charles Loep sent me a patch for 2.2.17pre20 that I still haven't managed
to get into a proper kernel (long story ... sigh). With a little effort
that could be made to work with 2.2.19 or whatever it is you use.

I have that patch in my "for 2.5" queue, which was last sync'ed with
2.4.5-pre5. But I think those patches are mixed a bit so I'm updating them
for 2.4.6-pre3.

Because of the order of the patches you'd also be a test user of the smbfs
large file support ... but I don't advise that since I haven't dared use
that code myself in my daily work :)

Let me know off-list if you want patches and for which kernel version. I
think I have something for "plain" 2.4.x also.


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