Print Driver version recognition

Vopni, Jim JimV at
Fri Jul 13 12:33:58 GMT 2001

I have a question regarding how samba determines the OS version of a driver
being installed.
It is using a function called get_correct_cversion() in nt_printing.c

We have run across a number of drivers that are installed incorrectly.
Samba is recognizing 
the driver as 2000 when if fact it is a NT4 driver.    In all cases the
version of the Driver file
is but the code in get_correct_cversion()  does not look for this
version string.

It seems, at least with the drivers we have been using, that the NT4 drivers
are versioned , 2000 drivers are  and the 9x drivers are (or not

What is/was the reason for the current version determination?  Is the
version number
of the driver file not sufficient to determine what type it is?  We are
putting together a patch
to install based on this version number but there may be issues that we are
not aware of.

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