Long share names and WinNT --- BUG since 2.2.0

Simo Sorce idra at samba.org
Sat Jul 14 10:11:07 GMT 2001

Just to be sure I retested it again.
Ok here are the facts:
- NT is not able to support shares longer than 12chars if the server speaks ASCII
- W2K is able to do that
- 2.2.x version never supported unicode on the wire.
- head supports unicode on the wire, but it is currently instable.

So what happened to the user that claim 2.2.0 have supported >12 chars shares with NT is the following:
A) you tested it only with w2k before.
B) you got HEAD instead of SAMBA_2:_" by mistake from cvs and tested with it.

Solution: not many solutions come at hand, if you really need shares longer 
than 12 chars and you have to use NT to access them, you may try to find an
head snapshot nearly the times when 2.2.0 came out. It was preatty stable at that time and supported >12 share names with NT, obviously it lacks the fixes that come with 2.2.1 so if you need them, better stay with 2.2.1 and find a way to
have shares <13 chars.


On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 10:33:40AM +0200, James Nord wrote:
> Hi all,
> NT4.0 (3.5??)  has a bug which will will fail with > 12(?) characters if 
> the server/client use a non unicode charset to define the shares.
> (Sorry can't find the relevent KB article but I'm sure this has been 
> brough up before.)
> I'm am positive that this was an issue in 2.0.x as well.
> Was 2.2.x supposed to return unicode to NT clients that supported it now?
> I didn't see this in the release notes.
> /James
> NGeldenhuys at rmbam.co.za wrote:
> >Hi People
> >
> >I've got some bad news. I did try what Gerald said. Still not. But now I
> >rolled back to 2.2.0. It is still doing it. That means it must have been a
> >buck sine 2.2.0 :( Please help.
> >
> >On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 NGeldenhuys at rmbam.co.za wrote:
> >
> >>I got this bad problem. I upgraded to 2.2.1 from 2.2.0. Now I cant
> >>connect to long share names like "Administration" useing winnt
> >>clients. I can connect to short share names like "Test" or "User"
> >>
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