vfs-wrap.c compile issues

Jim Duey jduey at ccc-dcs.com
Fri Jul 13 14:31:20 GMT 2001

It might be a macro problem.  I'm cross-compiling and targeting a PPC 
405GP running linux and using glibc for libraries.  Since the target is 
different than the build machine, configure can't determine the 
functionality of certain library routines, like whether or not 
ftruncate() will extend a file if the file is shorter than the length 
passed to ftruncate().  This is signalled by leaving 
HAVE_FTRUNCATE_EXTEND undefined in config.h.  This causes a block of 
code in vfs_wrap.c to be compiled that normally isn't.  There are also a 
couple of other places where the fact that I'm cross-compiling causes 
some problems.  I've worked around them and gotten smbclient running on 
my embedded board.  I guess the Samba team needs to decide if these 
issues are important enough to clean up.


John E. Malmberg wrote:

>What you have apparently is the function pointer members of the vfs
>structure have the same names as the standard C library routines, but take
>different arguments.
>The next issue is that for whatever compiler and platform you are using
>apparently has implemented those standard C libary routines as macros.
>Those two things are not compatable.

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