Multiple connections to same share in same session

Ian MacPhedran Ian_MacPhedran at engr.USask.Ca
Fri Jul 13 00:26:53 GMT 2001

My apologies if this posting is not proper for this list.

My system is Solaris 7, Ultra10, running Samba 2.2.1, gcc 2.95.

I recently noticed some smbd processes were taking a large amount of CPU
time, but seemed otherwise idle. A "truss" of one showed it repeatedly
locking a file. (This was similar to behaviour I noted when trying to add
printer drivers.*)

I killed them off fairly quickly, so I didn't get a lot of data on them,
and I will try to get more data should this happen again, but I noticed
the following odd thing which might trigger someone's ideas - the
processes all had multiple connections to the same share (the user's home
directory). I noticed this was the case on other processes as well, but
they were behaving themselves. The multiple connects may have arisen from
people mounting both \\server\homes and \\server\$username during the
session, but I don't recall seeing this under 2.0.x.

Is this multiple mount action regular behaviour?

(* I also am having some problems getting printer drivers uploaded from an
NT 4.0 machine - it works sometimes, then won't work for the next driver.
This isn't as great a concern, yet.)
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