There's some misunderstanding

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jul 11 20:36:42 GMT 2001

You're right.  It's difficult to find a good balance between being polite 
and being firm.

Chris -)-----

> Hello folks
> For quite a long time I observe lack of understanding
> (misuse ???) of what the samba-technical list is actually.
> "samba-technical Developer discussions about Samba internals"
> People often ask for help at this list. It would be nothing
> wrong if these were serious and well-described problems.
> But it's not, quite commonly. Sometimes these are trivial
> issues and 
> they are probably posted because one may think that if most
> of the Samba Team developers are subscribers of the
> samba-technical then probability of positive and helpful
> answer is higher.
> For general questions and problems, AFAIK, there's "samba"
> list or similiar. Especially when (also quite common)
> answer is: read the man page or refer to the docs/ directory.
> Am I right or just bothering ?
> cheers,
> mimir

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