There's some misunderstanding

Rafal Szczesniak mimir at
Wed Jul 11 22:52:10 GMT 2001

Hello folks

For quite a long time I observe lack of understanding
(misuse ???) of what the samba-technical list is actually.

"samba-technical Developer discussions about Samba internals"

People often ask for help at this list. It would be nothing
wrong if these were serious and well-described problems.
But it's not, quite commonly. Sometimes these are trivial
issues and 
they are probably posted because one may think that if most
of the Samba Team developers are subscribers of the
samba-technical then probability of positive and helpful
answer is higher.
For general questions and problems, AFAIK, there's "samba"
list or similiar. Especially when (also quite common)
answer is: read the man page or refer to the docs/ directory.
Am I right or just bothering ?


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