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Tue Jul 10 18:36:01 GMT 2001

Thanks for the swift reply. Ok, so i'm missing #20 on one of the clients in 
my wins.dat, and apparently that means "server service".  The client in 
question does have file sharing working fine, but it won't appear in the 
wins.dat... And other machines can't look up the IP from the wins.dat, 
because they are looking for the #20 entry (I guess). How can I make this 
#20 entry show up? In case you are wondering, the "odd connection" this 
client has is a PPTP tunnel over the internet to the samba WINS server.


Tim Carr

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>Subject: Re: WINS.dat question
>Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 13:31:38 -0500 (CDT)
> > In the WINS.dat file I see lotsa entries of workgroups and computers. I 
> > that WORKGROUP#1B is the DMB.. but what i'm curious about is the
> > COMPUTERNAME#xx entries, where xx=00/03/20.  I have one computer that 
> > properly authenticating to the WINS server (because it has a complicated
> > connection); it doesn't get a #20, although it DOES get a #03 and #00.
>Just a pedanticism...  Clients do not "authenticate" to an NBNS (WINS).
>WINS simply accepts any registrations that reach it and are not in
> > Please can someone explain what #00 #03 and #20 refer to? Thanks!
>If the names begin with the computername, then they are unique names (not
>group names) and have the following meanings:
>00 - Client service     (aka. the machine name.  Only available if the 
>                         services are running.)
>03 - Messenger service  (Windows pop-up messages.)
>20 - Server service     (File sharing.  The server service makes it 
>                         for you to offer shares.)
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