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Hi Tim,
00 type is the standard workstation service
03 is the messenger service
20 is the fileserver(printserver) service;

So for instance, the computer that you mention below
is registering that it is running the workstation service,and the messenger
service (can accept winpopup messages), but it is NOT sharing out any files
or printers.  You would get this kind of registration for instance if you
did NOT install the 'file and printer sharing or Microsoft networks'
component on a win2k professional system (you would still be able to attach
to other computer's file and print shares, but you wouldn't be able to share
out any of your own directories or locally attached printers)....

By the way, a list of the most common 'resource types' for netbios names can
be found on page 15 of the O'reilly "Using Samba" book...

Hope this helps,

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In the WINS.dat file I see lotsa entries of workgroups and computers. I know

that WORKGROUP#1B is the DMB.. but what i'm curious about is the 
COMPUTERNAME#xx entries, where xx=00/03/20.  I have one computer that isn't 
properly authenticating to the WINS server (because it has a complicated 
connection); it doesn't get a #20, although it DOES get a #03 and #00.

Please can someone explain what #00 #03 and #20 refer to? Thanks!

Tim Carr
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