WINS.dat question

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Jul 10 18:47:08 GMT 2001

> Thanks for the swift reply. Ok, so i'm missing #20 on one of the clients in 
> my wins.dat, and apparently that means "server service".  The client in 
> question does have file sharing working fine, but it won't appear in the 
> wins.dat... And other machines can't look up the IP from the wins.dat, 
> because they are looking for the #20 entry (I guess). How can I make this 
> #20 entry show up? In case you are wondering, the "odd connection" this 
> client has is a PPTP tunnel over the internet to the samba WINS server.

See John's message on this, and note that the #20 name is not needed if 
you are being a simple client.  If you wish to share files over the PPTP 
tunnel then you may simply need to turn on the server service, as John 

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