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Fri Jul 6 02:04:47 GMT 2001

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On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Kristyan Osborne wrote:

> In my company we are currently converting 95 machines to 2000. We are using
> encrypted passwords and I wish to add my current users to the smbpasswd file
> without changing their passwords.
> All users have a local Unix account with password. Is there any way or is
> there a utility to add the user and the password from the password in the
> /etc/passwd file to the /private/smbpasswd file.
If I interpreted you correctly, you were using plain-text passwords with
Windows 95 and want to move to encrypted passwords with W2K. If you were
using encrypted passwords with Win95, you can simply keep your
existing smbpasswd file.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to convert the encrypted passwords
under passwd to smbpasswd. If you want, you can enable plain-text
passwords under W2K with a registry change. Otherwise, you have to simply
give you users new passwords.

> Please reply directly to me and not to the list.
This reply is going to both you and the list.


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