samba-2.2.0 on OS/390USS

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Thu Jul 5 19:37:24 GMT 2001

Kiran Madnani wrote:
>I am currently porting samba-2.2.0 on OS/390USS. I am facing the following
>I am able to establish a connection between the client and the
>by the netstat command). However, after sometime the connection is closed
>and I receive the following message in the log file:
> Failed to set socket option SO_REUSEPORT (Error EDC8109I Protocol not

Try changing SO_REUSEPORT to SO_REUSEADDR.  Normally SO_REUSEADDR wouldn't
be used in a multicast situation, but if they haven't implemented
SO_REUSEPORT, I believe that's what you're supposed to use.

Let me know if that does the trick.


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