Samba 2.0.7-13 smbd processes need more memory after touch of smb .conf

Wagner Guenter G.Wagner at MKG-BANK.DE
Thu Jul 5 16:58:41 GMT 2001


SuSE Linux 6.4 Kernel 2.2.14
Samba 2.0.7-13  (replaced Samba 2.0.6)

After changing or even touching smb.conf while Samba is running
all following smbd processes need much more memory.

Before change (example):
VmSize: 6612 kB,   VmRSS: 4652 kB

After change (example):
VmSize: 8844 kB,   VmRSS: 6760 kB

How can this be fixed?
Will Samba 2.0.10-0 fix the problem?

Guenter Wagner

g.wagner at

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