printer driver download problem

Jörg Bechlars bechlars at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jul 5 17:44:55 GMT 2001


we are using SamBa on a PrintServer HP J5600 under HP-UX 11.

- SaMBa 2.0.10: download works perfectly for Win9.x clients
- SaMBa 2.2.0a: download works perfectly for WinNT + Win2k clients
-               download for Win9.x client has problems:

  Here the Adobe PostScript Driver Installation Tool is in usage 
  since several years. Using this tool in the SaMBa download context
  you have the following effect:

  - some printer are working some printer not (it depends on the
    choose of share and/or driver names)
    share name:          driver name:
    eps2dia             ZEDAT-eps2dia          works not
    folie               ZEDAT-folie            works

  - it is independent from the ntdrivers.tdb ( with empty ntdrivers.tdb
    and usage of the old printers.def method the effect is the same)

  - after driver download there are obvious wrong registry entries -
    especially the "default devmode", which cannot be avoided. 
    For example: scale mode = 0 (instead of 100(%)).

  - it seems to us that SaMBa delivers an incorrect printer_info_2

  - using the "New Printer Feature" of Windows all works ok (in contrast
    to the Adobe tool Windows ignores the devmode Pointer => there
    is no key in the registry)

    Bernd & Jörg

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