Odd behaviour of "host allow" in smb.conf

Edmund Lam epl at unimelb.edu.au
Tue Jul 3 03:49:23 GMT 2001

   I've found some odd behaviour with Samba's "host allow" that I
suspect is a bug. I'd like somebody to confirm this behaviour and
remark whether this is indeed buggy behaviour.

   With the "host allow" in smb.conf, define something like  Note that the network address of this
C-class network is NOT, but rather

When the server is accessed from a client on the network,
it will fail. I think samba ignores any line in host allow of the form
a.b.c.d/e.f.g.h where a.b.c.d is not the network address.

   This has been tested on a recent CVS (approx week old) under Tru64,
though I suspect it doesn't matter.



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