All known 2.2.1 showstoppers fixed..

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Jul 8 10:36:50 GMT 2001

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> >
> > Does the fact that we don't pass our own smbtorture tests count?  Like
> > OPLOCK2, LOCK3 when run over NFS (we think, I havn't got to the bottom
> > of this).
> The OPLOCK2 test is broken. It fails when run against
> Win2k :-). Lock3 succeeds on a local filesystem.
> Other tests I've run succeed. I don't think this is a
> showstopper.

OK.  What about the fact that we fail the locking tests on HP-UX?

Andrew Bartlett
abartlet at
abartlet at

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