Shares enumerated through a null session

Schuendehuette Matthias Matthias.Schuendehuette at
Mon Jul 2 10:07:20 GMT 2001


after controlling the log files (with debug=3) I found it:

swat added automagically a "guest account = nobody" to my smb.conf and even
if no shares are enabled for guest access the 'net view' command worked on
this account.
After I changed to "guest account = " explicitly, no null sessions are
possible any more.

Furthermore, if I add a "smb = *" to the usermapping file, it seems to me
that this is like "All authenticated users access as user 'smb' " (together
with "security = DOMAIN"). Fine - this is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you Gerald and excuse me - it was my fault not Samba's...

mit freundlichen Grüßen / with best regards

Matthias Schündehütte

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