FW: Yet another printing bug.

James Nord teilo at cdt.luth.se
Mon Jul 2 11:56:52 GMT 2001

I posted this on the samba@ list last week but didn't see any response,
so I'm throwing it in here as it does not seem to be known about.



I don't think I've seen this discussed before so here is the problem.

Samba 2.2.0 Solaris 2.7

When you connect to a printer samba returns the netbios name of the
samba machine and not the netbios name (alias) of the machine which it
was accessed as.

Basically this means printing is completly broken for aliased machines.


    netbios name = sm_lisa
    netbios aliases = cdt-lisa basil my21

     path = /var/spool/samba
     printable = yes
     writable = no
     create mode = 0700

authenticate to \\sm_lisa
connect to \\sm_lisa\lw1505
printer installs okay

However if you authenticate to \\cdt-lisa and install \\cdt-lisa\lw1505
you can not access the printer drivers (unless you have same
username/password on win2000 as samba)

if you authenticate to \\sm_lisa and then \\cdt-lisa and install
\\cdt-lisa\lw1505 everything works, however the printer is actually
installed as "lw1505 on SM_LISA"
Which is fine until you logout of the w2k machine...

So somewhere samba is returning the netbios name and not the alias that
it was called.


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