XP Client Trying to use Kerberos instead of SMB to Samba Serv er

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Tue Jul 31 20:25:40 GMT 2001

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, Mayers, Philip J wrote:

> Interesting - check the security policy on the machine. Windows *should* be
> able to detect that you're talking to a non-Kerberised SMB server and
> downgrade. Have you tried it against an NT4 server, for example? The same
> thing *should* happen.
> Very interesting - I'd be curious to know what security policy settings
> you're using (I hope not the defaults).

We have rumours and some confirmation that Windows XP defaults
to using NTLMv2 only.  This is probably the source of the connection

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