Samba 2.0.7 and FHS conventions

Dave O'Neill doneill at
Fri Jan 26 19:03:54 GMT 2001

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, David Lee wrote:

> But could I suggest that the detail be more closely related to the GNU
> variables for this purpose?  For instance:
> >    - SBINDIR becomes ${exec_prefix}/sbin
> shouldn't that be ${sbindir}
> >    - VARDIR becomes /var
> shouldn't that be ${localstatedir}
> >    - configfiles go under /etc
> shouldn't that be ${sysconfdir}
> >    - LOCKDIR becomes $(VARDIR)/state/samba/locks  (for now... see below)
> shouldn't that be under ${localstatedir}

Yes.  If you take a look at the patchfile, you'll see that the GNU-isms
are used.  Some of it's a bit convoluted in order to preserve existing
behaviour, though.

> >    - PRIVATEDIR becomes $(VARDIR)/state/samba/private
> shouldn't that be under ${datadir} (or ${localstatedir} )

I've put it under ${localstatedir}, simply because the FHS and autoconf
both recommend that ${datadir} should contain read-only data.

> >    - printers.def and codepages directory go under ${prefix}/share/samba
> shouldn't that be ${datadir}/samba
> >    - SWAT html and images go under ${prefix}/share/swat
> shouldn't that be ${datadir}/swat

When using the --enable-fhs switch, yes.  But the fallback case requires
that they not both be under a common directory, as SWATDIR is historically
under  ${prefix}/swat, while the data files are under ${prefix}/lib.

> I realise that GNU and FHS might not be consistent with each other in
> detail, but we are basically building this in a GNU environment.  So we
> should follow the GNU flexibility in general.
> Then perhaps we need:
>    --enable-compliance={fhs|gnu}
> The "gnu" variant would allow us to take GNU defaults (and allow
> GNU-like override flexibility).

I've tried to preserve GNU-style overriding, though maintaining the
existing behaviour as the default was a priority.  I'm not an autoconf
expert by any means, though, so if someone more familiar with autoconf can
find cleaner ways to have full override capability while keeping existing
semantics, please do.

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