Samba 2.0.7 and FHS conventions

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Jan 26 18:15:57 GMT 2001

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Dave O'Neill wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Daniel Roethlisberger wrote:
> > Short Version:
> >  Why don't you comply with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard? [1]
> Okay, sure.  =)
> Here's a patch that takes care of the simple stuff in and
>  It adds an --enable-fhs-compliance flag to configure that
> will do the following:

I like the general idea, to ease introduction of this.

But could I suggest that the detail be more closely related to the GNU
variables for this purpose?  For instance: 

>    - SBINDIR becomes ${exec_prefix}/sbin
shouldn't that be ${sbindir}

>    - VARDIR becomes /var
shouldn't that be ${localstatedir}

>    - logfiles go to $(VARDIR)/log/samba

>    - printers.def and codepages directory go under ${prefix}/share/samba
shouldn't that be ${datadir}/samba

>    - SWAT html and images go under ${prefix}/share/swat
shouldn't that be ${datadir}/swat

>    - PRIVATEDIR becomes $(VARDIR)/state/samba/private
shouldn't that be under ${datadir} (or ${localstatedir} )

>    - LOCKDIR becomes $(VARDIR)/state/samba/locks  (for now... see below)
shouldn't that be under ${localstatedir}

>    - configfiles go under /etc
shouldn't that be ${sysconfdir}

> LOCKDIR looks like a mess to me, so this patch doesn't do much with it
> besides stick it in a more FHS-friendly place.  I was thinking that the
> pidfiles belong in /var/run/, and the tdb files belong somewhere like
> /var/state/samba/data or somesuch.

Again, let's define these using the GNU principles.

I realise that GNU and FHS might not be consistent with each other in
detail, but we are basically building this in a GNU environment.  So we
should follow the GNU flexibility in general.

Then perhaps we need:

The "gnu" variant would allow us to take GNU defaults (and allow
GNU-like override flexibility).

The "fhs" option would adjust the GNU-set defaults for FHS compliance
(again allowing individual override).

I suspect this would gain us great flexibility with three main options
(1) "traditional" Samba  (2) GNU flavour  (3) FHS flavour.


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