libsmb and the cli_ routines and libsmbclient connection handling

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Jan 25 22:51:36 GMT 2001

Richard Sharpe writes:

> >I've basically hacked all the NT pipe specific stuff out of the
> >cli_state structure and into a cli_pipe_state structure.  This
> >structure also contains a pointer to a cli_state which can be
> >shared amongst pipe users:
> OK, what you describe is something like what I want to do, but it seems
> like there is too much risk of breakage if I change the way things are done
> at the moment.

Yes.  There is a whole lot of NETLOGON stuff that relies on the
existing cli_state stuff having all the right bits and pieces
there.  It should just be a matter of converting it to use the
new API but it's something that's going to need careful testing
to make sure some other random bits of Samba don't break.

> An alternative is to implement a parallel set of routines that do what I
> want to do, but do not disturb the existing functionality.

You might be able to do something with #define OLD_NTDOMAIN and
NEW_NTDOMAIN to have both interfaces existing at the same time.
I haven't looked to closely at it though.


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