libsmb and the cli_ routines and libsmbclient connection handling

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Jan 25 23:16:47 GMT 2001

At 04:43 AM 1/26/01 +1100, Tim Potter wrote:
>Richard Sharpe writes:
>> I am getting to the point where I need to change the functionality of the
>> cli_ routines I use from libsmb in libsmbclient.
>> Currently, there is a one-to-one connection between a share and a server.
>I've got some code in a work area that does this.  Unfortunately
>I'm not sure whether the API is nice or not.  I'll describe it
>and perhaps people can make some comments.
>I've basically hacked all the NT pipe specific stuff out of the
>cli_state structure and into a cli_pipe_state structure.  This
>structure also contains a pointer to a cli_state which can be
>shared amongst pipe users:

OK, what you describe is something like what I want to do, but it seems
like there is too much risk of breakage if I change the way things are done
at the moment.

A scan of the source code show that the routine I would have to change,
cli_send_tconX (a badly named routine, BTW, it should have been
connect_share) is used by:

   several rpc_client files
   an smbd source file (damn it)
   and several test and smbtorture stuff ...

So, I have to think carefully before making any such changes and ensure
that everything will work and test that it does work afterwards ...

An alternative is to implement a parallel set of routines that do what I
want to do, but do not disturb the existing functionality.

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