Winbind Default Auth Domain?

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Jan 23 19:06:34 GMT 2001

Kevin Colby writes:

> > The 'workgroup' parameter in the smb.conf file should specify
> > which domain winbind authenticates against.
> Yes, it does affect the DC that is asked, but I mean a default for users.
> We would like users to be able to use "username" when prompted for login
> rather than "domain+username", unless using a non-default domain.

Hmm.  Something like that could be implemented - just prepend a
domain name if winbind is passed a name without a domain.  The
administrator would have to make sure that there are no duplicate
usernames but this is standard files vs NIS stuff anyway.

> > > Does this relate (or should it) to smbclient's "client auth domain"?
> Whoops, I meant "libsmbclient", but the parameter is far from final.
> It was just recently discussed in a tangent of the smb:// discussion.

I haven't been following the libsmbclient thread too closely.

> Could a Samba server be in workgroup "WG" and yet join domain "DM"?
> (presumably to limit browsing)  The users would then be users of "DM"
> and would need to supply "DM+username", but the workgroup parameter
> in smb.conf would need to say "WG".

I don't think so.  According to tridge there are some serious
browsing issues with having Samba in more than one domain.
Apparently there are some netbios packets that don't contain
enough information to determine which domain they are referring


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