Winbind Default Auth Domain?

Kevin Colby kevinc at
Tue Jan 23 19:00:05 GMT 2001

Tim Potter wrote:
> Kevin Colby writes:
> >
> > Is there any existing method for setting a default auth domain for winbind?
> The 'workgroup' parameter in the smb.conf file should specify
> which domain winbind authenticates against.

Yes, it does affect the DC that is asked, but I mean a default for users.
We would like users to be able to use "username" when prompted for login
rather than "domain+username", unless using a non-default domain.

> > Does this relate (or should it) to smbclient's "client auth domain"?

Whoops, I meant "libsmbclient", but the parameter is far from final.
It was just recently discussed in a tangent of the smb:// discussion.

Could a Samba server be in workgroup "WG" and yet join domain "DM"?
(presumably to limit browsing)  The users would then be users of "DM"
and would need to supply "DM+username", but the workgroup parameter
in smb.conf would need to say "WG".

	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc at

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