Winbind Default Auth Domain?

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Jan 23 18:48:30 GMT 2001

[whoops - forgot to cc the list]

Kevin Colby writes:

> Is there any existing method for setting a default auth domain
> for winbind?

The 'workgroup' parameter in the smb.conf file should specify
which domain winbind authenticates against.

> Are there any larger issues with such a feature?

I don't think Samba can be a member of multiple domains although
it may be possible to hack something up.  There's no reason why
winbindd can't create users that are in many unrelated domains
and then use security=server to authenticate them, apart from the
whole security=server business being inherently dodgy.

> We are hoping to utilize and/or implement as much here.
> Does this relate (or should it) to smbclient's "client auth
> domain"?

I'm not familiar with this parameter.


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