Some more updates to libsmbclient

Jelmer Feenstra spark at
Fri Jan 12 14:16:28 GMT 2001

On Friday 12 January 2001 04:21, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just applied some more patches to libsmbclient.


I tried the updated code hoping the NT5 problems might have been fixed. 
However, the (modified) testsmbc code segfaults when trying to list a share 
on an NT5 system. Listing shares and directories both won't work with the 
library when the system connected to is NT5 (WIN2K).

Need password for //win2ksystem/test
Enter workgroup: [WORKGROUP]
Enter username: [spark] guest
Enter password: []
Finfo->name=., mask=\*
Finfo->name=.., mask=\*
(no debugging symbols found)...
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x4004852b in unistr_to_dos ()
   from /home/spark/cvs/samba/source/bin/
(gdb) quit

Thanks in advance,

Jelmer Feenstra

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